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TRUE TAPE is a kenesiology tape that reduces fatigue and fast tracks recovery. Use TRUE TAPE on the sections of your body that are being put under maximum strain and pressure.

True Branded

The TRUE TAPE comes in our iconic teal and has our logo printed throughout.

Increase Coordination

TRUE TAPE allows full movement of a taped areas, allowing you to continue through tough workouts uninhibited.

Reduces Fatigue

TRUE TAPE decreases muscular fatigue as well as looks after the surrounding areas of the body.

Support The Body

TRUE TAPE is ideal for supporting areas of your body like the lower back, calf, shoulders and hamstring.

Water Resistant

TRUE TAPE is 100% water resistant meaning that it can withstand the toughest of workouts or prolonged time swimming in water.

Excellent Value

TRUE TAPE come in rolls of 5cm x 5m allowing for typically up to 10 uses per roll. TRUE TAPE can also be worn for up to 6 days.

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